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I will add a high-quality sign to any photo

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About this kwork

What is a sign?

A sign is a slang term for a photograph of a person along with the name or nickname of a celebrity honored by him, as well as any other inscription that is written directly on his body, or on paper, also any attribute relating to the person for whom the sign was made is also a sigil. Signa part is often done on the basis of Selfie (since a person takes pictures of himself).

Why do I need a sign?

Signa is used to verify a person, as an autograph of a celebrity or as an expression of love for a celebrity by a fan.

In addition, Signs are gaining popularity as a way for communication between people, advertising and entertainment. There are even separate services that specialize in creating custom signals. For example, services that allow you to order a girl on the chest of the model.

In my case, I'll make a qualitative sign through photoshop and it will not be different from the real sign.

Needed for order:

From you one (or several, to choose) photos to which you need to impose a sign in good quality. Describe your wishes and preferences for processing.

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