I Will Convert, Clean Data And Format Data Properly In Excel

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About this kwork

I can make your data meaningful and easy to work with. I have good experience of working with excel formulas and functions. I can fix any issues you are facing with your data stored in excel spreadsheet. I will clean data stored in excel sheets. I will remove unwanted spaces (e. g. spaces in the beginning and in the end of phone numbers), proper formatting of text (Upper, Lower and First Letter Capital), proper numeric formatting, extracting names from email addresses. I can also set conditional formatting.

I can also perform below tasks for you with complete Privacy
  1. Data Cleaning
  2. Formatting
  3. Conditional Formatting
  4. Remove Duplicates
  5. Combine Data - Stored in Different cells
  6. De-Merge Data – Like Name to First Name, Middle Name and Last Name
  7. Sorting, Filtering Data
  8. Data Visualization - Charts/Graphs
  9. Dashboards
  10. Formulas
  11. Pivot Tables
  12. Index & Match
  13. Lookup Function
  14. CountIfs, Sumifs
  15. Database Function
  16. Text Functions
  17. Statistic Functions
  18. Linking Spreadsheets

Available for any other related work.

For Data Set -1500Rows 10Columns

Needed for order:

Provide data file and clearly state your requirement. Also provide a sample if possible (Providing sample is always better).

The volume of 1 Kwork: Will clean & format 1000 Rows and 10 Coloumns

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Tell your friends about this kwork