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Backend Python developer
Backend Python developer
4 years experience
Python development language

Professional Skills:
- Knowledge of Python, ability to work with libraries for any projects;
- Ability to connect API;
- Skill of creating Telegram bots of any complexity;
- Experience with HTML5, CSS3, MySQL;
- Experience in creating HTML page of the website based on design layouts;

Additional information:
Ability to multitask and high analytical skills.

@check_subsrc_bot - Telegram bot for managing crypto trading channel.
@alkomannia_bot - Telegram store bot for the alkomarket.
@provokation_weather_bot - Telegram bot with weather forecast.
@Eyfel0_bot - Telegram bot perfume store.
@Vastl_bot - Telegram bot for ordering t-shirts with the user's design
Backend Python developer
Advanced Seller
13orders completed
9total reviews
100%of orders delivered successfully
85%of orders delivered on time
15%repeat orders

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Reviews Left for tihmir_nick

  • Bot for getting files from Google Drive
    Bot for getting files from Google Drive
    perumova5 days ago

    It was necessary to develop a telegram bot for a fairly large company with a huge amount of data) I coped with my task by 200%.

    He always responds quickly and corrects or refines our request instantly) It was a pleasure to work with you, we will contact you again) (Autotranslated )

  • Wildberries Card Parser
    Wildberries Card Parser
    Experienced Buyer
    20+ orders placed.
    pavelsur0722 days ago

    Thank you, promptly executed, all comments taken into account. (Autotranslated )

    tihmir_nick22 daysago

    Thanks for the feedback! (Autotranslated )

  • EOSPY Parser
    EOSPY Parser
    tesseractitem1 month ago

    I am 100% satisfied with the completed task, and assistance was also provided in finalizing the script. During the day, there were problems in the logic of the script. Unfortunately, after writing the review, the performer stopped responding. (Autotranslated )

    tihmir_nick1 monthago

    Hello, as soon as I had the opportunity to get in touch with you and explain what the problem is with entering from an empty file, you have already written me a negative review, and I can no longer write anything to you in private messages, I corrected the script, as you requested earlier. (Autotranslated )

  • Wildberry Review Parser
    Wildberry Review Parser
    invent1k1 month ago

    I am satisfied with the cooperation, I got the desired result.

    I am satisfied with the result, Nikita reacts quickly, gives recommendations and offers solutions. All my wishes were quickly implemented. I will contact you again in the future. I recommend it! (Autotranslated )

    tihmir_nick1 monthago

    Thank you more, I will be glad to work with you again! (Autotranslated )

  • Telegram bot - sneaker store linked to Google Mail
    Telegram bot - sneaker store linked to Google Mail
    Established Super Buyer
    100+ orders placed and 12+ orders in the last 3 months.
    igorigor871 month ago

    All good (Autotranslated )

    tihmir_nick1 monthago

    Thank you so much for your feedback, I will be glad to work with you in the future! (Autotranslated )