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Hello! My name is Sofya.

I am an illustrator/2D artist. I draw characters, portraits, concept art, backgrounds and graphics for games, pixel art. I can draw for you covers for books, music albums, design for social networks, nft.

I have experience working on other freelance exchanges.

I work in the procreate program on the iPad, and I also have the skills to work in Adobe Photoshop, Krita.
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  • I will draw backgrounds, landscapes, concept art of the environment
    Portfolio pipedream
    I will draw backgrounds, landscapes, concept art of the environment
    Experienced Buyer
    20+ orders placed.
    albert53 days ago

    Directly hitting the desired result, in the shortest possible time!

    I recommend it! (Autotranslated )

  • Illustrations for the book
    Portfolio pipedream
    Illustrations for the book
    mdaryana9 days ago

    Sofia is a wonderful performer, we found a common language from the first minute and throughout the work we had no misunderstandings or difficulties, and we had an order of 11 illustrations. She took a very responsible approach to the execution of each illustration. Where it was necessary to clearly follow the TS, she followed, and where I asked her to offer her vision, she offered options and even a few in sketches, and then we already chose the one with which we moved on. Sophia is a performer who hears the customer! Thank you! (Autotranslated )

    pipedream9 daysago

    Thank you so much for your feedback! It was a pleasure working with you. (Autotranslated )

  • Line art
    Portfolio pipedream
    Line art
    anna-karpo22 days agoNo review
  • Group registration
    Portfolio pipedream
    Group registration
    alimovreal0827 days ago

    The work was done on time and very well! Thank you very much!!! (Autotranslated )

  • 3 cars in the style of characters
    Portfolio pipedream
    3 cars in the style of characters
    Seasoned Buyer
    50+ orders placed.
    Boris8Ryn2 months agoNo review