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Native(Android / iOS) and Flutter Dev. / Architect
Native(Android / iOS) and Flutter Dev. / Architect
Scammers and clients that are looking for a charity, please don't waste my and your time!
High-quality native iOS and Android, and Flutter apps wizard. I'm Oracle Certified Java developer with Master's degree in CS with 15 years of experience in developing not only Android and IOS projects, but also different projects that made me a great architect, complex issue solver and UX/Features improver in all aspects with experience in huge amount of libraries and frameworks such as Firebase, Parse, Spring and much much more. I'm the best in mobile apps development as I'm up to date with new technologies, features and tricks that Google team or Apple team announce. I have led all projects from scratch up to release with full understanding of OOP, SOLID, optimization, analisis and UI/UX. I'm proud of apps I made: Unfold, GuruShots, LiftDay, LiveMaster and others, so thanks to my clients that trusted me and gave me that opportunity.

Experienced in: Android, iOS, Flutter, Java, Kotlin, Dart, Swift, Spring Boot, Grails/Groovy, REST, SQLite, Firebase(All), Retrofit, ORMLite, Parse SDK, Backendless, Alamofire, Facebook SDK, pi4j(Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi), FFMPEG, DexProtector, Flutter, Bloc...
Native(Android / iOS) and Flutter Dev. / Architect
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