I am a native speaker of Russian and a freelance translator with 4 years of experience. I have a degree in Linguistics and Teaching of English and German.

I translate texts of various forms, articles, webpages, presentations, etc., mainly specializing in: culture and tourism, linguistics, fitness, healthy lifestyle and diets, cuisine and cooking, fashion, hobbies and handicraft, computer software and hardware, video games, movies and cinematography, music and popular culture, general technical documentation and installation/operation/maintenance manuals and guides, general correspondence and other topics.

I also transcribe texts (from an image or a scanned document or a photograph, or handwritten text, or audio/video files) in English and Russian languages and proofread in Russian.

I pay attention to the quality of translation and always proofread to avoid grammatical and semantic mistakes.
At the same time I always meet deadlines and never take more work than I can do.

I try to work within the areas of my expertise, but I am always ready to learn and improve my skills and to face new challenges.

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