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  • Underwear
    Portfolio IRIN_L
    Svetlana000011 month ago

    I really enjoyed working with Irin. Everything is clear and, most importantly, operational. The most important thing for the customer is to provide a clear technical specification, then the result will be accurate, which we did. I recommend it and will definitely contact you again! (Autotranslated )

    IRIN_L1 monthago

    When the customer knows what he wants, it simplifies things by 50%)) I am glad that you liked the work done. I will be happy to work with you again) (Autotranslated )

  • Bright selling ads. Avito, Cyan, Yula
    Portfolio IRIN_L
    Bright selling ads. Avito, Cyan, Yula
    Seasoned Buyer
    50+ orders placed.
    GGpro1 month agoNo review
  • Bright selling ads. Avito, Cyan, Yula
    Bright selling ads. Avito, Cyan, Yula
    Rising Buyer
    7+ orders placed.
    stav701 month ago

    There was a task to write a selling ad for avito. The text is written very competently and professionally. Taking into account all the requirements for the selling text, and my wishes. Irina plunges into the topic, which is important, because without it it is impossible to write excellent material. The order was completed ahead of schedule. Irina is always in touch. I am satisfied with my work, it is a pleasure to work with the pros of my business! Who needs good, selling, advertising texts, please contact! (Autotranslated )

    IRIN_L1 monthago

    Thank you for such a high appreciation of my work! (Autotranslated )

  • 10 bright posts for VK on any subject
    10 bright posts for VK on any subject
    katerinadj2 months ago

    Great job, Irina delved into the topic and wrote cool texts, everything is as I wanted! Originality, lightness, to the extent of humor. I recommend it to everyone! We will work more)) (Autotranslated )

    IRIN_L2 monthsago

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I really liked the topic) it was easy to write) (Autotranslated )

  • 10 posts for instagram
    10 posts for instagram
    Rising Buyer
    7+ orders placed.
    irina2436322 months ago

    Thank you for the quick and high-quality work. The posts are written in an interesting and creative way... I constantly order posts from this seller and will continue to work with her))) (Autotranslated )