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Hello, my name is Igor and I am an ideal employee.Would you like your future employee to develop professionally? Fine. I did not take any courses but I learned C # from a book and Unity lessons on YouTube, my ability to learn something new is out of the question.

v>You don't want to give all your money to a programmer's salary? Sumptuously. Money is just pieces of paper, or at the present time the description of "zeroes and ones" is better suited. Comfort always comes first.

</diiv>Do you need a punctual employee? Fine. As soon as you receive a task from you, I immediately pause the new season of Attack on Titans and run to work, because when everything is ready, I will have a lot of time to watch Attack of Titans.

<dan you only offer either full time or part time? Fine. I will plow like goddamn or program and then rest in the Maldives in between your assignments.


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