1. Digital Marketer
2. Medical Transcripsionist
3. Freelancer
4. Graphic Designer ( Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator)
5. Web Development and designer ( Word Press and Wix)

If you are looking for a person which have skills which i have mentioned up??

Then, you are in right place.

I give free mock up offer to everyone.

Why me?

1. I have 1 year complete experience in medical transcription.
2. I make quotes, edit pictures, make banners for web with some experience of adobe photoshop and i make logo too.
3. If anyone wants me to handle a facebook page or other social media platform and do all oppurtunities on client's requirements then I am the right person which you are looking for. I have also page of quotes on Facebook. You can look their with the name of Boss Thinking of my work.

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