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Ivan Ageenko
Ivan Ageenko
My name is Ivan. I draw and paint caricatures, portraits and illustrations. I work in both traditional and digital media. No paintovers, no photoshop tricks! I worked professionaly from childhood.
Ivan Ageenko
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  • I will restore, retouch, repair
    hanieafifah1 month ago

    This was my third time requesting from the seller to restore and color my picture. Im requested last minute order and he managed to complete less than one day. Thank you so much!!

    ageenko_art1 monthago

    Thank you so much for your review and for coming back to work with me!

    It was a pleasure to do this work!

  • I will restore, retouch, repair
    hanieafifah3 months ago

    This is my second time order the service to restore the picture. My grandpa requesting me to restore the old picture of him when he was a child. I love it so much. Thanks for taking my order again <3

    ageenko_art3 monthsago

    Many thanks for review! Glad you and your grandpa like it!

  • I will restore, retouch, repair
    Portfolio ageenko_art
    hanieafifah8 months ago

    Easy to deal with seller, friendly and very responsive. Did all my requests.

    The original picture was in very damages condition and I'm amazed with his works that he able to restore it in very good condition and the coloring is very good too!

    Hope to deal with you again later . Thank you for your excellent service and lastly thank you for making my grandpa happy, he likes it so much since this is the only one picture of her mom he had. Thank you so much <3

    ageenko_art8 monthsago

    Glad to do it! Thank you for the review.

    I'll be happy to work with you again, always available!

  • Restoration of old photographs. Photo colorization, retouching
    Restoration of old photographs. Photo colorization, retouching
    Experienced Buyer
    20+ orders placed.
    sonchik72 months ago

    The order was executed perfectly.

    I recommend it (Autotranslated )

    ageenko_art2 monthsago

    Thank you for your feedback! I was glad to work on the photo! (Autotranslated )

  • A friendly cartoon based on a photo, a caricature
    Portfolio ageenko_art
    A friendly cartoon based on a photo, a caricature
    icedogas4 months ago

    It turned out very cool!) (Autotranslated )

    ageenko_art4 monthsago

    Thank you! I really enjoyed working on the cartoon, I love new stories that haven't happened yet. I hope the hero of the picture will like it)

    All the best! (Autotranslated )