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About this kwork

Dear clients!

What are you getting:

a) literate, readable text, logical and structurally identical to the source text (the one that you provided);

b) prompt execution of work (if the translation of the text is small, up to 1 page, I will translate it during 2-3 days);

c) no machine translation (I, of course, know how to use Google translator, but not to the same extent).

Types of translations:

a) literary translation of books: translation of short stories, translation of novels, translation of poetry, etc.

b) translation of correspondence and press: translation of press releases, translation of articles, translation of newspaper notes, interviews;

c) translation of legal documentation (acts, minutes, statements, etc. ), translation of medical documentation and reference books, certificates, conclusions, translation of anamnesis and diagnoses, etc.

d) translation of subtitles for movies, videos, clips, etc.

e) translation of catalogs, translation of presentations, translation of market whales, posts in social networks, etc.

Needed for order:
Dear clients!
  1. Provide a source text or document to be translated.
  2. Literal, artistic and technical translation does not always coincide with the original in terms of volume - you must understand this.
  3. Each translator translates in such a way that the logic and meaning of the source text are saved with the translated text.
Themes: Beauty & Fashion, Medicine & Health, Building, Tourism & travelling, Goods & Services
Target language:
from english to russian
from russian to english
The volume of 1 Kwork: 300 words

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Tell your friends about this kwork