Video course 2018 Fullstack - Laravel 5 QRCodes, API, Android-iOS

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Full course for the development of the full stack - MVC, Laravel, QR-codes, payment integration, API, micro-services. This course is the final course on the development of Web and mobile technologies for 2018. He very well covers all the topics in every technology package.

152 video tutorials

This course contains tutorials in:

MVC - Full MVC course

Laravel - (Laravel 5.6)

QR Codes - How to Integrate QRCodes Scan and Extract Information to Your Platform

Integration of payments. How to integrate payment platforms, such as PayPal, stripe, so that users can make and receive payments

API and micro-services - how to create reliable platforms for microservice, which will allow other developers to connect to your platform using packages such as laravel.

Development of mobile applications (Android and iOS). The complete guide to creating mobile applications and their interaction with API and microservices

Everyone who intends to become a superstar in development must pass this course.

License GNU GPL

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After ordering I'll throw you a video course - 2018 Fullstack - Laravel 5 QRCodes, API, Android - iOS.

152 lessons

The volume of 1 Kwork: You will receive a video course ( Video course 2018 Fullstack - Laravel 5 QRCodes, API, Android-iOS ) that contains 152 lessons

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