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Consulting your IT career

Kwork Overview

Hello! My name is Mariya. I am an HR BP in a crypto-nft IT company and I'm experienced in different IT areas as an HRBP and HRD. I would like to help anyone who wants to improve their soft & hard skills, to climb the career ladder and build the desired path of development. I love it, because every time I see a positive result, satisfied and happy people, I feel happy too. That is why I do it.

# 1. Career mentoring - what is it?

First of all, career mentoring is understood as an integrated approach to solving the difficulties of employment and career growth.

Which companies are better to get a job, what skills / knowledge to pump and highlight, how to write a resume (CV), present yourself at an interview and get the desired offer (job offer)

# 2. Interaction

- Analysis of your CV and life experience (soft / hard / advantages)

- Drawing up a professional development roadmap (key points and result) from A (I have) to B (I want)

- Regular meetings (regularity you choose, depends on the request) with homework, checks and forward movement along the path of growth

# 3. Career consultation (*development of career opportunities*)

- Professional & life experience analysis

- Compiling a *correct* CV, research of straights and weaknesses

- Determination of the target IT direction of development based on labor market analytics

- Development of soft and hard skills to build professional competencies in the chosen IT direction

- Formation of effective self-presentation skills for interviews

- Joint conduct of Test interviews for successful completion of Real

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