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Speech trainer (2 languages ENG/RU) practical experience of more than 6 years with clients from the Russian Federation, Europe, the CIS, England. I have a master's degree and an additional specialization in practical psychology.

Here is how I can help you for adults 18 years and older:

Speech image unpacking is a service, during which you can identify all the difficulties in speech, communication, self-presentation, soft skills, as well as components (diction, voice, speech breathing, pronunciation of sounds, speech rate and intonation). After the service, I give an individual work plan according to the identified indicators, as well as a program for which I am ready to help you.

* Improvement of diction, intelligibility of speech, removal of speech clips, blocks, euphony of speech in a short time

* Supplying voice, the ability to hear yourself and speak with your strong voice, voice preservation techniques, solving other voice requests.

* Preparing for public speaking, holding a seminar, conference, webinar, advertising, developing your blog, etc. without fear, working with attitudes and ineffective speech thinking programs.

To get started, the seller needs:

Sessions are held remotely, in Zoom, chat in any messengers except WA for customer support and post-support. Readiness for serious work on the result, setting a clear goal and the desire to achieve, despite the difficulties.

Registration for any service is by appointment only!

To fulfill your order, I will need a clear statement of the task or request from you.

Subject: Arts
Discipline: Other
Scope of this kwork: Unpacking the speech image 60-90 min

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