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Kwork Overview

The subject mainly includes:

Classify composites, introduce common types of fibres and matrices, and manufacturing, mechanical properties and applications of composites Recycling of composites Introduce terminology used for studying mechanics of composites. Basic concepts of composite materials, fabrication processes, prediction of material properties, macro­ and micro­mechanics, damage, and structural analysis.

1. Review of mechanics of materials

2. Fibers - types, properties and manufacture

3. Matrix materials

4. Generalized Hooke's law

5. Estimates of moduli

6. Analysis of a lamina

7. Laminated plate theory

8. Orthotropic laminates

9. Thin-walled approximations

10. Strength theories

11. Design of laminates

12. Design of selected applications

13. Manufacturing processes

14. Test methods

15. Sandwich panels - strength and design

16. Joints and inserts

17. Damage in composites

18. Fatigue of composite materials

19. Designing against fatigue and fracture

20. Metal and ceramic matrix composites

21. Case studies and applications.

and more topics will be discusses

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Subject: Natural Sciences
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