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I will consult at zoom. SMM for your business

Kwork Overview

Thank you for visiting! I am Tina Damon.

I have impressive work experience in the field of Social Media Marketing - 15 years.

Experience in community administration since 2007.

Copywriting since 2009 - 100% uniqueness.

I've been working as an ads specialist since 2017.

Marketer since 2019.

In influencer marketing - 3 years.

I work with large companies on an ongoing basis.

Consultation in ZOOM 30 minutes. SMM for your business.

The consultation includes:

1. Analysis of company pages in social networks (if any). Identification of "strengths" and "weaknesses".

2. Determining the goals of promotion in social networks.

3. Recommendations for presence in specific social networks

4. Recommendations for filling in basic information, creating a cover, an avatar, discussions, the expediency of adding other files (audio, video, documents).

5. Recommendations for a content plan (what to write about? What days is it better to post your news? What topics to cover? Where to get information? and much more).

6. Recommendations for targeted advertising (for a narrow target audience).

Write me, and we will agree on the time of the consultation.

To get started, the seller needs:

What I need from you:

- We agree with you on the date and time of the consultation.

- You send in advance the questions that you would like to sort out.

- On the day of the consultation, I am sending you a link to ZOOM.

- You need to fill the brief that I will send to you, the day before the consultation

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Scope of this kwork: 1 consult
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Money-back Guarantee

We promise an excellent order experience or your money back.

How does this work?

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