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14 years experience in economics, design, development and build of visitor attractions, amusement theme parks, education and entertainment centers, VR, AR, XR attractions, museums, events.

I will consult on type, size, footfall, viability, brief, design and build, operation etc. Before covering someone’s corporate overheads with a few hundred thousand of your hard earned cash get prepared and minimize time and cost. The RFP which contains relevant info to industry can save a lot of time and funds.

I will do the analysis of the venue against location, access, restrictions, competition, landmarks, type of tourism, demographics, disposable income, local traditions, etc. , calculate potential revenue, ROI, reveal the risks and issue recommendations.

You want to engage some of the world’s major designers? I will make a list of design requirements, compose professional RFP, give the overview of suitable (D&D) Design & Development companies, collect proposals and make an estimate document over the project time, volume of services, amount of deliverables per price proposed to ensure you make the right choice.

To get started, the seller needs:

Answer the following initial questions:

1. Desired type of a venue;

2. Venue's location or locations;

3. How much area / land do you have available at the location;

4. Are there any planning, engineering or public restrictions in the area;

5. Desired theme and name of the venue if any;

6. Investment budget limits if any;

7. Which of the world venues of the desired type do you like and do not like;

8. Anything else you want to specify for your future venue;

Type: Other
Scope of this kwork: Venue type, location suitability and viability report. First approach SWAT estimate document on location, footfall, competition, restrictions, sighting potential ROI and risks

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Money-back Guarantee

Your money is returned instantly if something goes wrong.

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