Consulting in preparation online training

About this kwork

I will give you a consultation to create a full-fledged training course or help you to create an online "turnkey" training based on your competencies.

I do not use templates and have an individual approach to each order.

I know what a successful online training should contain to keep participants interested in the topic of the course.

About myself:

An active promotion specialist with over 5 years of experience in SMM, advertising and information production.

Participated as a marketer / expert / traffic manager in launching a training project from scratch to a turnover of around million USD per month.

Served as an expert author and recorded several targeted advertising training courses at Universus Internet University. Graduated over 100 students as a curator at the internship stage on a real project.

I can do:

Study of the target audience

Drawing up a marketing strategy

Product line preparation

Training / training course plan

Auto funnel preparation

Auto funnel launch

Conducting sales consultations

Advertising testing and metrics analysis

I am ready to share my experience and discuss any details in the development of an online training.

What the seller needs to get started:

You will need to:

1. Formulate the goal of the online training and the expected output results.

2. Provide the data and information necessary for use in the training (if there are certain aspects and standards to be adhered to).

Kind: Distribution & Promotion
Aspect Of Service: Training & Courses
Scope of 1 kwork: One-time consultation on the development of a turnkey online training

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