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Course Description:

This course is not at all for beginners. Knowledge of array formulas and fluency in them is one of the signs of a cool level in Excel. On forums, you can often see how masters flaunt their level of proficiency in this tool in front of an audience. Many, or rather the overwhelming majority of users, among whom there are many years of practice, quite calmly do without array formulas.

The course will be useful if you:

  1. Analyst looking for new tools for data processing.
  2. An experienced user faced with complex tasks every day.
  3. The professional who wants to go through the last step before macros.
  4. You are looking for new knowledge about seemingly simple and straightforward things.

What can you do after the course:

  1. Forget forever about auxiliary columns for calculations.
  2. Use one formula where there used to be a pile of functions.
  3. Quickly find an elegant solution to a complex problem.
  4. Do the impossible where you used to lose heart.
  5. Use the magic of the mysterious indirect function.
  6. Skillfully manage the links between sheets.
  7. Surprise colleagues with the possibilities of a seemingly simple function.
  8. By right to be considered a Pro.

What the seller needs to get started:

After purchasing the course,

I upload this course to the cloud drive,

and send you a download link.

You must have free disk space to download the course files.

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