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About this kwork

Doorway (sin. Dor, from English. doorway, or front door) - SEO tool, a site created to redirect users to another Internet resource.

Doorway is an automatically generated website designed to receive organic traffic from search engines.

I will make doorways to attract live traffic to your site.

Doorways are created on unique templates, uniqueness is achieved by changing classes and styles. Keys to create doorways can be provided by You, can be ordered from us.

When ordering doorways, grid doorways, you get the ability to manage traffic through your TDS account, which we provide.

TDS system comes from the English (traffic delivery system) – a "traffic delivery system", which will allow you to manage your traffic and analyze it based on the data. In other words, the traffic that comes to the TDS is always analyzed, then based on the specified filters is sent to the desired sites.

As additional options, the grid doorways (in the amount of 15 pieces), this includes the collection of keys and run doorways after generation. Important! The entire grid doorways can be only one subject.

Needed for order:

You will need the required number of keys (15000-20000) on your subject, if you ordered the collection of keys from us, you provide only the theme for their collection. Provide data to access the hosting that you have prepared for the doorway. A link to Your site where you will be redirected to the necessary traffic, a banner that will stand on the doorway(s).

The volume of 1 Kwork: Within one ordered kwork you get a doorway with the number of pages 18000

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