Promotion of the site to 250 new visitors

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Promotion of the site to 250 new visitors 1 -

Об этом кворке

When ordering 1 kwork, you are a complex of promoting 50 key queries in the top 10.

Promotion of the site implies a number of the following actions:

• internal optimization of the site (elimination of technical shortcomings);

• Creation of a semantic core (selection of the necessary queries based on the demand of 50 key queries);

• optimization of existing content for the semantic core;

• writing new content (5 per month);

• (bonus) smm marketing (work on the development of social networks)

• work on behavioral factors;

• the uniqueness of your company

• work on pr company

→ The final result is 250 conversions per month (visitors)

If necessary, you can also connect the social. network. + possible bonus

About myself:

• I have been promoting websites for over 7 years

• 44 successful projects to promote the site

• 6 not successful projects to promote the site

Нужно для заказа:
  1. Create a Google account (give access to it)
  2. To create a Google disk (it will be created when Google Account is activated, see step 1)
  3. Collect all contact information (addresses, phone numbers, mail, branches, logo)
  4. Clarify the site url.
  5. Give access to site management
  6. Grant access to ftp
  7. Give access to the service
  8. Give access to social. networks for smo (sme optimization of networks and site, synchronization)
  9. Give access to the personal offices of webmasters (you must have 3 offices "Google" "Yandex" "yaho")
  10. Provide everything in the excel file
  11. Promotion of the site in the top is a long enough work and the first results appear only in the second or third month of promotion. So do not wait for top in th next day. In competitive niches, promotion takes from 6 months and requires a considerable budget.
Type: Real Visitors
Traffic Source: Sites
Объем услуги в кворке: 250 visitors

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Как это работает?

Kwork переводит деньги продавцу, только когда покупатель проверил и принял заказ.

Деньги можно вернуть:

  • Моментально, если заказ отменяется покупателем в первые 20 мин. после старта
  • Моментально, если продавец просрочил заказ, и покупатель решил отменить его
  • Моментально, если продавец и покупатель согласовали отмену заказа
  • В течение нескольких часов, если заказ выполнен некачественно или не полностью
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