Perfection belongs to Gods. Make interface where customer feels as one

About this kwork

Through decades I have done, managed and commercialized a few Web services interfaces of my own projects and for the man. One of my works was awarded by CNews magazine. I have had my portion of "sweets" on the way.

Usability manual test.

Tailored to the order report on Usability and instant prompts on the Web site user interaction, design composition, site structure, gamma, timing, business logic, bugs, position against rivals, SEO audit, Search engines rates. All that is important to make a super friendly, efficient Web service for the customer. Checking through multiple screen resolutions, virtual and physical desktop and mobile devices as well as on all popular OS platforms.

All reports feature screenshots, info on testing devices, test conditions and prompts.

Minimal lyrics - only facts and cases.

Should it be required I can organize for Q/A crowed test.

What the seller needs to get started:

A short assignment Brief describing main concerns, desired points of audit, target customers (users) groups, link to the Web service page.

Optional: For the search engine metrics statistics and user stream load test I will need an access to the page metrics.

For the purpose of SEO audit the client needs to provide the list of SEO words and phrases.

Kind: Website
Scope of 1 kwork: 1 kwork is a Quick manual test report on 1 Web page interface, which includes Design composition with static and active elements, Gamma and its consistency, Business logic , Error tackling, Notifications, Graphic and text relevancy to target user (Eng-Ru) , Short overview on major rivals, Critical usability flows and bugs, recommendations, Test is performed on all popular browsers, desktop and mobile platforms

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