Website usability audit through the eyes of a professional tester

About this kwork

Hello! My name is Ivan and I have been testing sites since 2014.

What questions will this kwork answer?

  1. Why do users visit your site, but do not perform the targeted action (do not place an order, do not fill out a form, etc. )?
  2. Why is the bounce rate high?
  3. Why did traffic drop after the redesign?
  4. Is your site convenient for customers to use?
  5. Before launching the site: it often happens that people working on a project no longer see the error, because their eyes are “blurred”. Therefore, before launching, you must entrust usability testing to an outsider.

What is included in the analysis?

- Analysis of all pages of the site (design, ease of arrangement of elements, typography, contrast, images, etc. )

- All elements will be checked separately: header, menu, forms, footer, shopping cart, etc.

- The script of all actions and the convenience of their implementation (for example, placing an order, ordering a callback, etc. ) will be checked.

- The mobile version of the site is included in the analysis.

After analysis, you will be provided with a detailed report with a detailed description of the errors (with screenshots and videos) and recommendations for their correction.

What the seller needs to get started:

1. Your website link.

2. If you have any suggestions for testing, then be sure to note them - (optional)

3. Specify the format of the report (google docs, word document, etc. ). Which one will be convenient for you? - (optional)

4. If your site requires some kind of complex registration (for example, go through moderation after registration), then you must provide me with a test account. Otherwise, all functionality may not be tested. If registration is simple, then I will create accounts myself.

Kind: Website
Scope of 1 kwork: All pages of your website

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