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SEO Competitors Analysis

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SEO Competitors Analysis 1 - kwork.com

About this kwork

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1. keywords analysis OF THE competitor'S SITE.

New, missing, lost. Comparing the keys of competitors with their own, you can add the semantic core of your site to effective promotion of key phrases and words.

2. traffic analysis OF THE competitor'S SITE.

Determine where the traffic comes to competitors' sites: from organic delivery, email distribution, social networks or from other sources, thus giving an idea in which direction to promote your resource.

3. backlinks analysis OF competitor'S SITE.

The number of referring web pages and domains; New and lost. competitors anchor list; Region of domains on which links are placed.

After studying this data, you can determine which methods of increasing the linking mass competitors use, and which of them should be applied to your site.

4. competitor TOP-pages

On organic issue

On backlinks

By the increase in backlinks

By content

Knowing the list of such pages, you can easily determine the potential of products for creating sections of your own website, as well as select the most effective key phrases for each page.

Pay attention! When ordering a service, choose among the options listed that you need.

Needed for order:

Specify the website URL of competitors.

Specify the type of analysis should be carried out:
  1. Semantic/Analysis of Keywords
  2. Traffic Analysis of the Competitors site
  3. Backlinks audit of the Competitors site
  4. Competitors TOP-pages Analysis

Pay attention to additional options. When ordering a service, choose among the options listed that you need.

Kind: Competitive Analysis
The volume of 1 Kwork: SEO Competitors Analysis - 1 (one) website.  

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