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Software for restoring content from webarchive

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About this kwork

The program check expired domains for content from the webarchive.

How it works?

1. Load the list of domains in the program. It can be ended domains, or real-life.

2. The program scans these domains in webarchive for the pages and content of these domains. The program checks different years of sites, which allows you to restore copies of pages for each year in a separate folder.

3. The program restores html pages without pictures using the links saved in step 2.

4. The next module takes the content of the saved html pages and saves it to an Excel spreadsheet in text|header format.

The program runs on the platform ZennoPoster and you need a license for this program. If you do not have ZennoPoster software, activate the additional option "License for ZennoBox for 1 year". In this case, a license will be issued for you.

If you need to modify the program for your needs, check the box "Modify program".

Needed for order:

To use the program, you need a ZennoLab account. When ordering, do not forget to specify your username in ZennoLab. You can register here https://userarea.zennolab.com/lk/login.aspx

Language: Zenno
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