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Data Scraping or Web Scraping

Kwork Overview

Data Scraping | Web Scraping

I will build a Java application to scrape data from websites, online portals etc.

I will automate the entire process of scraping. The tasks involved are:
  1. Build Java application to scrape data.
  2. Optional: Create a Database to save the scraped data. (you can also get data in xml, JSON, excel formats).
  3. I will deploy the application on remote Linux/UNIX server and automate scraping process by setting on cron jobs and using shell scripts.
  4. Optional: Create a Dashboard application to monitor the progress of scrapers, manually trigger scrapers, view data, download data, generate reports etc.

I have built a Price Comparision Application, which scrapes 23 e-commerce websites, compares prices of products and generates a price comparision report.

To get started, the seller needs:
Requirements from Client/Buyer:
  1. Which website do you need data from?
  2. Do you want to re-use the scraper?
  3. Do you want to store the data in a database?
  4. If not do you want data in Excel, XML, JSON format?
  5. Do you want to reuse the scraper(so that I can automate it)?
  6. Do you want to use Proxy Servers for scraping?
  7. Do you want to deploy the application on a remote server? (required if scraping large websites and if you want to re-use the scraper)
Programming Language: Java, MySQL, Selenium, Jsoup
Scope of this kwork: Scrape a website and save data in a database, Excel, XML or JSON format

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Money-back Guarantee

Your money is returned instantly if something goes wrong.

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