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PowerMTA is one of the email marketing solutions for delivering emails in email dispatches. It is used by popular services, whose monthly turnover of letters is 10,000, 000, examples: Mail chimp, Unisender, Getresponse, Silverpop...

PMTA features:

Setting up ideal parameters for letters.

PMTA replaces the primary technical headers of letters and substitutes the necessary headers, which are suited for postal users and mass mailing. Signs DKIM and hides the sender's IP.

Constantly monitors spam filters.

Tracking and processing of responses from the postal service occur in online mode if the letters begin to get into the spam, the system suspends the mailing and after a while, it will be resumed.

Blocking of non-valid boxes.

If the transfer occurs to an existing mailbox that does not exist or is full, PMTA blocks these boxes and places them in its database, so that they do not send letters to them later and do not spoil the reputation of the server.

Connection to a script or program.

PMTA can be connected to any script for email dispatches or the program.

You order the installation and configuration of PMTA, but the server (s) domain (s) are not included in the cost.

GPL License

Needed for order:

You need to provide access to the hosting where vds and domain are leased, if you do not have them, then you will need to register here:

The volume of 1 Kwork: Installing PowerMTA 1 domain

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