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Google Sheets Automation via Python

Kwork Overview

I will automate the routine tasks related to Google Sheets documents.

A Python script based on your specifications will be developed. Its features may include:

  1. Creating books and/or worksheets
  2. Inputting data into cells/rows/columns
  3. Retrieving and processing data from the sheet
  4. Inserting an external table or dataframe
  5. Inserting Google Sheets formulas or hypertext links
  6. Formatting certain elements of the sheet

The program may be implemented as a desktop app based on Qt Framework.

All operations are processed through Google Sheets API (Google Drive API may be required as well). The program is tested on a dedicated Google Cloud app, which utilizes OAuth tokens.

Development will be carried in Python 3.8, so keep in mind that the app wouldn't be running under Windows XP or earlier.

Development will be carried on Windows-based machine (until other is stated)

To get started, the seller needs:

To fulfil your order, I need to receive from you the following information:

  1. A detailed description of how your app should behave and what you expect to receive from it (i. e. chart, table, etc. )
  2. A structure and/or a brief content of target sheet
  3. An access to your Google Cloud App to work with your sheets (Google Sheets API and Google Drive API must be enabled)
  4. A description of console/graphic interface (if required)
Programming Language: Python
Scope of this kwork: 1 script for processing 1 workbook of 5 sheets max. (each sheet may contain a table of size of 5 columns, 100 rows max. )

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