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Develop a script, a notebook or an application in Python

Kwork Overview

I will make or rework a Python application based on your specifications.

Depending on your preferences or requirements, an application can be developed as:

  1. Simple script or module (.py, run via interpreter)
  2. Interactive notebook (. ipynb, run via Jupyter Lab or online services such as Google Colab)
  3. GUI application (.py/.exe, primarily Qt-based, but other frameworks are also considered)

Development will be carried in Python 3.8, so keep in mind that the app wouldn't be running under Windows XP or earlier.

Development will be carried on Windows-based machine (until other is stated)

To get started, the seller needs:

Important: It is recommended to discuss the details of development via DM before ordering the kwork.

To fulfil your order, I need to receive from you the following information:

  1. A detailed description of how your app should behave and what you expect to receive from it (i. e. chart, table, etc. )
  2. OS (either 32bit or 64bit) your app will be deployed in.
  3. A description of console/graphic interface (if required)
Programming Language: Python
Scope of this kwork: 1 script / 1 program module

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Money-back Guarantee

Your money is returned instantly if something goes wrong.

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