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Smart contract and ERC 20 ETH standard token, classic options

Kwork Overview

Smart contract and ERC 20 token on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain platform.

There are two types:

1. Manual distribution for IEO and business projects, after creating a contract, tokens are credited to your decreasing wallet or exchange wallet, then you distribute them.

On the plus side, you accept payments in any currency, you distribute the Bounty reward, and so on. You are the direct owner of the tokens

2. Automatic distribution for ICO (Not always) the contract distributes tokens after the funds are received for the contract. The accepted currency must be on the ETH platform.

This order may include option 1: A manual distribution token.

  1. Create a contract and an ERC20 token with manual distribution.
  2. Smart Contract fix.
  3. Testing in Test Net.
  4. Deployment in MainNet, in Etherscan.
  5. Verification of the code and assignment of the status verified in the Etherscan network (verifyContract).
  6. Verification and confirmation of ownership and binding of your token to the MetaMask wallet.
  7. Transfer of all tokens to your wallet.

The price includes the payment of the commission of the Ethereum system, for the deployment of the contract, as well as the commission for the transaction of the ETH network

To get started, the seller needs:

We need information from you.

  1. The name of the token.
  2. Token symbol.
  3. The number of tokens issued.
  4. Decimal places.
  5. Do you have a MetaMask wallet?

If you need special options in the contract, describe them in detail.

But in most cases, we undertake the personal development of smart contracts, only if we conduct a turnkey project.

Programming Language: Solidity
Scope of this kwork: One token and one smart contract (all options described above)

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