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Browser Bot Visitor - Application for creating bots for the browser

Kwork Overview

Browser Bot Visitor is a universal program for creating bots for browsers. Browser Bot Visitor is a powerful program in which you can easily create more than 10K bots and program each one to perform certain actions, namely, changing ip in real time, opening sites, pressing buttons and writing text.

Everyone can program the bot!

There are a simple number of functions:

wait(1000); - waiting function, milliseconds are specified in parentheses (in the example of waiting 1000 milliseconds - > 1 second)

openurl(https://kwork.ru/); - the function of opening the site, the url of the site is indicated in parentheses (in the example, we open the quark site)

proxy(; - proxy server installation function, write ip: port of the proxy server in parentheses (in the example, the server installed in France [Attention, the proxy may no longer work! Use your own!])

click(. _1_kc0); - the button click function, the button class is written in parentheses! at the beginning of the period!

textinput(Editbox1[=>123]); - input function, in parentheses up to

To get started, the seller needs:

Attention, observing tabulation in writing a script for a bot is required!

Browser Bot Visitor-allows you to save the bot databases with all the settings and load them again, write complex long scripts in a clear language

Video using the program: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/MWNYX3j665U9vA

Contact support! I will help everyone with setting up and using it!

Scope of this kwork: Access to the program and updates
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