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Arduino Device Development, ESP8266. Sketch, schematic diagram

Kwork Overview

I will develop the device according to the specified criteria, you will only need to make a board on a ready-made template, solder and flash.

If you do not want to mess around with the board, you can solder it on a universal prototype. If there is no possibility to solder, then you can use Arduino boards, simply connecting them with each other

The finished device will be able to: connect to the Internet via cable or wifi, display text and icons on the display, be controlled by buttons or by turning the knob or IR remote control, memorize values, count time, play audio, find out temperature, humidity, weight, current, control relay or household technique or other devices and mechanisms ... write what you need more.

I work with platforms Arduino, ESP8266, AVR, STM32.

Can use: popular displays are 1602, DS18B20 temperature sensors, HX711 modules (for working with weight and pressure sensors), JQ6500 MP3 modules and DF-Player, current transformers, light sensors (photoresistors), encoders, eeprom, spi flash, Chip-charging li-on.

Of the currently available controllers - Arduino UNO, Arduino NANO, ESP8266, attiny13, atmega48, atmega64, atmega128, stm32f030, stm32f130

To get started, the seller needs:

Describe to me the desired functionality of the final device: what it should be able to do. Must be pre-determined with a set of components to build the device

Scope of this kwork: 1 device with pre-specified functionality (circuit diagram, firmware, PCB layout in the desired format)
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