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150,000 likes on one publication

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3 days
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About this kwork

Want to be popular, or just your goal of promoting an account, then you went right

Draw 150,000 likes in total. Likes is a very important aspect in promoting an account! After all, when people see a lot of likes in their posts - they show interest in your page!

Variants of the distribution of views:

150,000 likes on one publication.

Can be divided into 4 publications, 37,500 likes on each.

Can be divided into 5 publications: one publication of 75,000 likes and 4 publications of 25,000 likes.

You can distribute to 4 publications: 2 publications for 50,000 likes and 2 more for 25,000 likes.

You can distribute to 2 publications, 75,000 likes on each publication.

Can be divided into 2 publications, one 100,000 likes, and another 50,000 likes.

There are no other options for the distribution of views.

There are no write-offs.

100% guarantee that the Likes will not be written off and your account will not be blocked! I wish good luck in promoting your profile and business! ! ! ! !

The deadline is 1-3 days (the time of twip is set with a margin).

Needed for order:

I need links to publications (1-6 depending on how much you want to run), the number of likes for publication.

Type: Likes & Saved Posts
Type: Likes
The volume of 1 Kwork: 150 000 likes
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3 days delivery
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Funds will be instantly returned to the account if something goes wrong

How does it work?

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Money can be returned:

  • Immediately if the buyer canceled the order in the first 20 minutes after the start
  • Immediately if the seller delayed the order, and the buyer decided to cancel it
  • Immediately if the seller and buyer agreed to cancel the order
  • Within a few hours if the order is made poorly or not completely
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