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600 subscribers to the public Facebook page, possible criteria

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About this kwork

As part of this kwork I will add 600 subscribers to Your public page on Facebook.

People subscribe from their accounts by manually clicking the "like" button on Your page.

People from all over the world subscribe, but if you need people by criteria, then there is an opportunity to make subscribers from Russia or only Ukraine, as well as half m/f.

To order according to the criteria, see additional options!

Unsubscribe here is almost never, can sometimes be a maximum of 1-2%, but these unsubscribed I always compensate you for free if you write to me and let me know.

The deadline is still 30 days, because people are quality and if the order criteria, then come slowly, but if you need to quickly and quickly, You just write to me about it and I will try to increase the speed for you.

Without criteria, work is faster!

Also in the additional options you can order likes and repost on posts on your public Facebook page, just keep in mind that I'm on 1 post or photo make a minimum of 100 likes or repost and, if necessary, the number is a multiple of 100,200, 300 and so on!

I recommend seeing my other kworks - https://kwork.ru/user/sergoego

Needed for order:

Greetings! Thanks for ordering. Send me a link to your public page on Facebook, as well as a link to a post or photo when ordering additional options.

And please write the number of subscribers on Your page before the start of my work!

Freelance service includes:
 Gradual Attraction Of Subscribers
Delivery time: 10 days
Type: Friends & Followers
The volume of 1 Kwork: 600 subscribers

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10 days delivery
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 Gradual Attraction Of Subscribers
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