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Do Shopify Facebook ads campaign, marketing, and advertising for sales

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facebook marketing and ads
shopify facebook ad.(campaign+ad set+ad copy)
package +marketing 14 days
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Ad campaign optimization
Landing page analysis
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Kwork Overview

HI dear sir, Hope you are well. Do you need a Shopify Facebook ads expert or dropshipping ads manager? NOW you are in the perfect place. I am a certified Shopify ad manager and dropshipping video ads expert. I completed many projects on the topic. I learned 2 courses about the topic and work now in IT firm named webcoder-IT . we are a freelancing agency now.

I can increase your dropshipping store order properly by creating Shopify Facebook ads, dropshipping video ad, Instagram ad campaign, Shopify marketing, FB ad campaign, and FB video ad.

services :

Store landing page audit

Dropshipping tips

fix any issues

Shopify Facebook ads

Shopify marketing

FB video ad

Facebook ad campaign

Instagram ad

Dropshipping ad

Social media ads,marketing

Audience and keyword research

Business manager account

Ad account and Facebook pixel setup

Customs audience

Carousel,video,image campaign

Re marketing

Traffic,reach,conversion fb ad

Event setup,conversion tracking

youtube,google ad

Ad AB testing

2021 secret ad strategies

service feedback :

+boost sales

+actual customers

+ad maximum traffic

+confident in your business

+Error fix

To get started, the seller needs:

Need Facebook business manager access, ad account access, and Facebook page access for the job. Do you have a business manager account ? see 1 month marketing plan in pdf.

Type of Service: Advertising
Type: Targeted Advertising
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7-day delivery
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 Target audience selection
 Age group selection
 Gender selection
 Interest selection
 Landing page analysis
 6 ads
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