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Design Twitch Channel

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Об этом кворке

The beginner or just going to start the stream, in one or another period of time ask self about the design of his channel. In this important mission, I will help create for you something pleasant.

Be sure to look through the examples of my last works to understand what you can expect from me.

As a bonus to the kwork, I provide animated atmospheric videos/wallpapers for the moment when your stream is just beginning.

Have a nice day ; \')

To find out my work style, see my profile.

Нужно для заказа:

- Link to your twitch channel;

- Links to your groups in social networks. For example YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and others. Where you do announcements of streams or share some information with your viewers;

- What exactly you want to place on every button. For example: "About me", "Donate", "PC configuration", etc.

- Your wishes for design: this is a very important point, so please provide me with as much information as possible about the desired design. Maybe you want me to use a certain logo, a certain color palette, some video games and all that sort of thing.

Объем услуги в кворке: Profile Twitch-banner, Offline/Online/Pause/End-image [1980x1080], 8 buttons, Logo image, Frame for Webcam

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