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Programs and bots for automation

2 days

About this kwork

I will write a program to automate your projects.


- On the forums;

- In social networks;

- In various services

- Free hosting;

- Mailboxes;

- Blogs;

- Communities and groups;


- Widgets for social networks;

- Sites with interesting content;

- Specific content on sites, in tables or databases;

- Information from the bulletin board;

- Content from social networks;


- Posts to the forum;

- In social networks;

- Any sites with a form of messages;

- On the bulletin board;

Checker (validation check):

- Social accounts networks for validity, mail or phone mapping;

- Pages of sites for various errors;

- Any resources for open access;

- Mailing addresses;


- Files and pictures on any sites and services;

- Photos on social networks or sites;

Filling content:

- Online stores with goods;

- Communities in social networks with your content;

- Profiles in social. networks with the right information;

- Sites and forums with scheduled content;

Work with databases:

- Filling;

- Editing;

- Cleaning of garbage;

All this can be done massively and in multi-threaded mode.

You can automate everything.

What the seller needs to get started:

1) Technical task

2) After the transfer of the program to the customer, my support is 14 days.

Kind: Writing & Revision
Programming Language: SQL, ASP.NET, PHP, Python, Other
Scope of 1 kwork: Writing a bot (program) with support

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