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Help with the Google spreadsheet automaton

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About this kwork

Recently, more and more people are turning to Google-Sheets as an alternative to traditional MS Excel.

Everything is obvious - Google Docs is a cloud service and all documents are stored in a global network.

So you don't need a local network, you do not need the flash card to carry necessary documents.

The capabilities of Google Sheets are almost as good as Excel.

Almost any tasks can be easily automated in this environment. The other tasks could be automated too, but not so easy: )

In place of the VBA language comes JavaScript, and the language of formulas in Google, as well as the common logic of the interface is like in the traditional Excel.

Well, the main charm of Google Sheets is the ability to organize interactive work of several users with one document. One changes, the other observes. TeamViewer is no longer needed.

Therefore, if you and your colleagues work together with the same tables, but at the same time are removed from each other. Either you are constantly on the move, then Google Sheets (and this Kwork) is what you need.

Contact me and I will try to help.

Needed for order:

An important requirement: prepare a detailed Technical Specification and, if possible, examples of what should be at the exit.

If you don't know how to prepare spec, contact me please, and we'll prepare it together.

Kind: Writing & Revision
Programming Language: Google scripts
The volume of 1 Kwork: Automation of 1-2 simple tables by writing a single small script, or using formulas

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