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Custom scripts in Python, PHP or JavaScript

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About this kwork

Write or revision scripts for your order

Languages: Python 3, PHP 5.3 or higher, JavaScript


- I write Python-scripts with a graphical interface only with the additional option "Graphical interface"

- orders for scripts are not accepted: crack, hacking, spamming, malware, collection of pirated materials, phishing and any scripts that violate the laws of the United States and European Union

The script will be written from several hours to several days, depending on the number of lines and the complexity of the script, be patient

Scripts will never fall into the wrong hands

An example of work is attached (119 lines, line spaces are not considered):

The Python script reads the entire file system in drive C: and writes the file's metadata to a CSV file

What the seller needs to get started:

Tell the seller in which language the script is needed

I write a script, then explain to the seller what the script is, what it will do, how it will work. If revision the script, then attach the script and explain what needs to be done


It is desirable to specify the list of installed modules and the version of Python


Be sure to specify the version of PHP, preferably specify the hosting name or attach the PHP configuration file (if possible)


It is advisable to link to a page or attach an HTML file

Kind: Writing & Revision
Programming Language: JavaScript, PHP, Python
Scope of 1 kwork: 200 lines without regard to line spaces

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