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About this kwork

I will give you a link to yandex disk, from which you can download a program that generates traffic to the site and video instructions for it

The program is in English, keep this in mind when buying

The program is almost a complete analog of traffic spirit, so if you have it, then in principle you do not need it!

Main features of the program:

Traffic within the site

Up to 10,000 unique IP addresses per day (from 90 countries)

Users from different sites

Hourly traffic distribution throughout the day

Clicks on links on the site (including ads)

Pop-up window clicks

Any page viewing depth (from 1 to 4 pages per added site)

Page view time (from 10 sec. - 300 sec. )

Up to 10 sites at the same time (meaning 10 URLs, you can have completely different URLs from different sites, but no more than 10)

Any sources of the visit

Visits from many search engines (by keywords) and from various sites

Setting up a smooth increase in traffic, so that there are no suspicions from search engines

Freeware License

Attention! Anti-virus software may have a negative attitude to the program, so I recommend disabling it while the program is running

I do not teach you how to use the program, see the instructions

What the seller needs to get started:

To complete the order, simply pay for the kwork and you will receive a link to Yandex. Disk, from which you can download the program and video instructions.

The seller does not personally teach how to use the program and is not responsible if the buyer does not know how to install programs, download and use programs, a video instruction is attached to the training program!

Kind: Pre-Made
Scope of 1 kwork: 1 program + 1 video instruction

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