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About this kwork

Over time, color photos lose their former brightness, juiciness and contrast, which is associated not only with careful or careless storage of photos. And first of all chemical reactions that occur inside the emulsion of color photos. The only way to restore the old image is to digitize it. And to carry out color correction and eliminate other defects that appeared during the life of the photo. The digitized photo can be stored online, on a computer, and printed if necessary.

Needed for order:

You will be required to do the following:

1. Scan the image in high resolution (the higher the resolution, the better the output). If you already have a finished image, one problem you will have less.

2. Upload the image to file sharing, cloud and send me a link to download the file. Or attach an archive file in the comments.

3. Specify the size of the final image, its orientation, its resolution (if you plan to print it), and the format of the finished image (PSD / JPEG/PNG/TIFF)

4. Additional requirements (frame, vignette, toning, watermark).

5. Detailed TK is welcome.

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