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Kwork Overview

Hello there,

I'm a Mizan expert in Photo retouching and production specialist. I have more than ten years of experience in this sector. My highly skilled product retouches with team clipping, cutout, retouching, shadow masking, color changes, product color changes or any kind of product re-color, and many more.

My pleasure to have your essence on my profile. It's your best photo editing zone for your web-based stores and networks. Photograph optimization, background removal masking, shadow making, etc. I anticipate working with you on your next incredible task. I'm extremely invigorated to give my answers to your work.

what are photo editing services?

Photo/Image editing is done for removing unwanted elements such as dust specks and scratches, adjusting the geometry of the image like rotating and cropping, correcting, sharpening, or softening the image, making color changes, or special effects to the image.

why did I choose you?

}{ Offer unlimited revisions until satisfaction

}{ Fast and friendly customer service

}{ 24/7 hours online VIP support

To get started, the seller needs:


Please send me your link with full fill instructions, supporting files,

sample files. You can use Dropbox, Google Drive, We-transfer, etc for

file sharing. Thank you so much.

a) Supporting file b) File Format c) Color Profile d) Template size (if needed) e) Guide Line

Scope of this kwork: Ten images simple resize/retouch
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