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Add Schema. org markup

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About this kwork

Schema.org markup is a set of different markups for different situations.
  1. marking articles,
  2. list of products,
  3. cards of goods,
  4. recipes,
  5. video materials,
  6. bread crumbs,
  7. data organization,
  8. data on a person,
  9. different lists,
  10. and much more.

On one page of the site, there may be several Schema.org markups. For example, you can mark breadcrumbs and product data.

If you use one template for all products, then by setting the markup in this template, all products will be marked automatically. But at the same time, the remaining pages of the site (home, articles, product categories, etc. ) remain without markup and you will need to order a separate quilt.

Each type of markup has required parameters. For example, it's impossible to markup products if you do not have a price on your site.

All types of markings and their parameters, see here:


You can check the markup here:


Needed for order:

Specify which markup for which pages you want to make. Provide FTP access to the site files on the server.

Kind: Schema Markup
The volume of 1 Kwork: One type of markup for a single page template

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