Describe what needs to be done

Post your task on Kwork Exchange. Your project will be visible to thousands of freelancers, some of whom will send you their bids. Check out their ratings and portfolios and choose the best bid. Confirm the order delivery when you are 100% happy with the results. Only then will the payment be remitted to the Seller.

Here are some good examples:
  • Нужен разработчик для создания темы на WordPress
  • CAD designer to create a 3D model of a residential building
  • Need a design for a new company logo
A good description includes:
  • What the deliverable is
  • In what volume and time
  • Anything unique about the project or team
The size of each uploaded file should not exceed 30Mb. If the file size is larger, please upload it to a cloud service and add a link to your message.
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