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About this kwork

I am a musician and music producer, I produces custom music or sound design ( instrumentals) for Film, TV, Game and Advertising Industries and Corporate Events.

Sample compositions attached with my profile.

I have a recording studio and a huge library of high-quality instrument voices and sound effects, guaranteed to be royalty-free and available for commercial broadcasting.

Pricing & Guarantees

First KWork order is a 30sec composition / production for either a logo stinger, PODcast Intro or TV/Radio advert. I deliver two arrangements, you choose one. (The rights of the one you dont want stay with me).

Additional $10 Kwork work order buys 2 revisions of chosen 30sec clip (if required).

Seprate orders for 2min or 4 min arrangements.

All initial orders for music composition or sound design comes with 2 compositions (you choose one - additional reworks order (if required) will allow for 2 refinements of the mix. )

An additional order for inserting sound effects at prescribed timings.

All custom arrangements are done on a "work for hire basis" - the rights become yours. Any arrangement from my albums are on a non-exclusive basis.



Needed for order:

Info Required for Custom Music Arrangement:

Where Applicable -

Scene Description: Describe visuals

Application: TV Theme / Film Soundtrack / Scene underscore / TV advert / Game ...

Desired Mood and / or feeling to be created: ( sad, happy, sleepy, energetic, mellow, angst, cheesy, romantic... )

Target Market: (Teen, Parents, Children... )

Music Genre: (Jazz, Rock, Techno, EDM, …)

Clip Length:

Preferred dominant Instrumentation: (Guitars, Piano, Strings, Drums... )

BPM ( Beats Per Minute) ( Mid / Fast / Slow)

The timing of breaks or sound effects

YouTube ( Sound Like Sample)

For the custom sound design I need "sound like"




Stems ( if required).

Note: I dont work on erotic or violent themes please.

The volume of 1 Kwork: 30 seconds

Order details and extras

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  • +$40
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  • +$20
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  • +$200
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