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My name is KEL, I am a Singer/Songwriter working as a freelancer with worldwide clients with whom I create wonderful music. Many of our songs are hits all-over the world and this makes me confident enough to say I can transform any song into a great experience.

Amongst other things I represented Italy in Copenhagen 2015, participated in the talent show X factor, opened a concert for an International artist in Italy: Noa and toured in India as a guest singer in various important events. Youtube Videos in which I feature sport over 6m+ Views, the most famous one is an Alan Walker cover!

I would love to be able to sing your songs and/or compose melodies and lyrics born in my heart! I have experience in multiple musical genres: Jazz, Pop, EDM, Dance, Indie, Lo Fi and more!

I am equipped with:

- RODE condenser MIC

- U-phoria behringer UMC204HD

- baritone ukulele

- hangdrum IN Dm

To get started, the seller needs:

To fulfill your order I will need a description of the assignments from you. Please specify exactly what you are looking to get and indicate any preferences you may have. Also, please send any necessary files for the project.

Scope of this kwork: I will compose a vocal top line for your instrumental, lyrics and will add harmonies/ad libs if needed. I will send you an MP3 demo and all the stems without effects in .wav format

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Your money is returned instantly if something goes wrong.

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