Backing tracks for cover bands, sync with metronome

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About this kwork

Have you decided to replace the keyboardist with a laptop? ))

Tomorrow is rehearsal and the band urgently need a backing track?

You exactly here!

Backing track production:

Special offer for cover bands and solo musicians.

In form, in pitch and in tempo, I will do it as it is convenient.

Playback format is as follows:

Keyboard track synchronized with the metronome:

- keyboard track, stereo + separately mono metronome track synchronized with the backing track.

- one file - in one channel keyboards track, in the other metronome.

I will adjust the audio format for playback from any device that you are accustomed to using.

Upon request, I can record a bass line, either as a separate synchronized track, or in a mix with keyboards track.

At a cost: 1 song - 2 Kworks

I can prepare and configure the project in Abletone to work with backing tracks live and teach it to use everything. Opportunities that can be realized:

- convenient playlist management

- independent adjustment of the volume levels in each track and on each channel

- adjustment of tonality in real time

- MIDI interaction (automation, controller tuning)

and many other useful pieces!

Needed for order:

- The name of the song and artist (better to throw an audio file)

- Wishes by pitch and tempo

- If you have differences in form from the original song, you must indicate where and what

The volume of 1 Kwork: 2 minutes

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