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Dear clients,

I have been working in the sphere of vector graphics for more than 10 years.

I can create logos in a vector. It means that the size of a ready-made logo can be increased/ decreased without the loss of its quality. You can use your logo for printing, outdoor advertising, on the Internet or wherever you like.

I can create vector logos using

1) your sketch;

2) your drawing;

3) your detailed and clear description;

4) your photo or screenshot (or using something else according to our agreement).

You should

1) order the kwork and discuss necessary details with me

You’ll get

1) accomplished work in a high quality;

2) quick execution of the order (not more than 5 hours);

3) the final version in any file type (AI, JPG, PNG, EPS, PSD etc. ). You’ll get all file types with your logo that you need;

4) sources (the cost of sources is included in the price of your order). They are not sold separately.

Write me back and I’m sure we’ll come to an agreement.

Yours sincerely,


Нужно для заказа:

1. The company's website (if any)?

2. Type and scope of the company?

3. What word or phrase will be displayed on the logo?

4. Does the company have a slogan or status line, which must be added to the logo, if there is, specify it?

5. Should the logo be 2-lingual?

6. In what format do you want to get the source materials?

7. Graphical images that are desirable or necessary to use?

8. Graphical images that should be avoided?

9. Colour preferences?

10. Which logo (and/or mark, mark) do you consider successful in your product or service category, why?

11. Additional information, at your discretion.

Style: Flat
Type: From Scratch
Объем услуги в кворке: 3 variant logos

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Как это работает?

Kwork переводит деньги продавцу, только когда покупатель проверил и принял заказ.

Деньги можно вернуть:

  • Моментально, если заказ отменяется покупателем в первые 20 мин. после старта
  • Моментально, если продавец просрочил заказ, и покупатель решил отменить его
  • Моментально, если продавец и покупатель согласовали отмену заказа
  • В течение нескольких часов, если заказ выполнен некачественно или не полностью
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