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About this kwork

Good day, I am Alexander and I will help you with the design of your logo. There are examples of my creatives in the portfolio, so please see if my style is suitable for you.

A little theory about the types of logo:

- Logo (Nissan)

- Text And Graphic ( Burger King)

- Mascot Logo (KFC)

- Abstract (Nike)

- Sign (Apple)

- Words (Visa)

- Abbreviation (Nasa)

Perhaps that's all, now you know a little more about the variety of logos.

The work will go faster if you already have sketches, both on paper and simply in text form.

Thanks for your attention!

Oh, yes, and this:

It is important that you follow all the points that are written in the instructions.

Well, now I can say for sure that you are a purposeful person, because you have read this line!

What the seller needs to get started:

1) Try to tell as many details about your project as possible

(For example: We are a Barber Shop Z and we need to design a logo, etc. )

2) In order for us to finish the work faster, I often send excerpts from the development stages, which allows us to make important edits

3) Good mood, because the process is still creative

That's all, let's get started!

Service includes:
 Several color schemes
 Source files
 Number of logos: 1
Delivery: 5 days
Style: Flat
Logo Creation: From Scratch

Order details and extras

  • +$30

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$30Order details
5 days delivery
 Several color schemes
 Source files
 to 1 logo
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