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I will design a unique and eye-catching logo

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Express design! Fast, no hassle, cool and not very expensive
STANDARD! We work as expected with the choice and discussion of several options.
In the best traditions! We work until the victorious WOW effect. With a complete final set of sources.
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About this kwork

An emotionally charged sign. Reflective style and accessibility. The minimalism of the sign reflects the style, the forms and the negative space in which the letter "i(and)" fits in, conveys the character, like the "yin yang" icon, from two opposites that complement each other (negative and positive space) one whole appears (the sign itself). A reference to the main characters of the film, who were able to overcome obstacles only by uniting, despite the fact that they are so different. Two lightning bolts joined together and formed such an abstract smoke and a dynamic letter "i(and)" separating the name and at the same time uniting it into a whole. There are references to the chat (dialogue icon) and speed and geolocation (as if it beckons to come in and see what is there) and much more. The sign is very simple and dynamic, which in turn makes it easy to read and attract attention even in seriously loaded traffic.

What the seller needs to get started:

It takes a little patience and understanding of what you want to end up with. Understanding what style the final version will be. Maximum participation in the project! Together with you, we will help you get in the right direction and achieve the desired result! Also, you will be required to describe the project and target audience.

Style: Flat
Logo Creation: From Scratch

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